The 2dF-SDSS LRG and QSO (2SLAQ) Survey: The Spectroscopic LRG Catalogue

Welcome! Here we present a searchable catalogue and ancillary information for the 2SLAQ LRG catalogue. The 2SLAQ LRG sample is fully described by Cannon et al. (2006)

The 2SLAQ LRG catalogue

The full 2SLAQ LRG catalogue file, containing all redshift and other information, can be found
here. The format has changed slightly from the original 2SLAQ redshift catalogue release and now contains all observations including repeats and photometry from the SDSS DR7. The catalogue contains a header giving the column names. A more detailed description of these can be found here.

The coordinates of the 2dF fields targeted by the 2SLAQ survey are listed here.

Spectroscopic database

The 2SLAQ team has provided a searchable spectroscopic database to allow full access to all 2SLAQ spectra. This is based on the search engine used for the 2QZ survey. The 2SLAQ spectroscopic database can be found here.

Additional resources

Below are links to various data products developed by the 2SLAQ team:
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